Tolstoy Contributors

Tolstoy is built by an entirely distributed team. Several people have contributed to Tolstoy since its inception in spring 2018. We acknowledge all of them here.


Rosa Lin, Founder

Formerly in biology, journalism, and international development. College at 15. Grew up in the Texas countryside.

Gleb Azeev, Backend

Python, Java ninja. Doesn’t sleep. Based in the Russian steppes of St. Petersburg.

Scott Jones, Data science

Astrophysics PhD turned data scientist. Enjoys the lakeside chill of Waterloo, Canada.

Prerna Kashyap, NLP

Bookworm. Internationally ranked on HackerRank. Hails from the tropics of Bangalore, current grad student at Columbia Univ.

Ryan Liu, Extern (Winter 2019)

Finance mathematics PhD. Used to roam the wilds of Wall St., now enjoys homemade bread in Berkeley, CA.

Ru Chen, Extern (Summer 2019)

Physics PhD. Lawrence Berkeley Postdoc. NLP whiz from the bustling metropolis of Beijing.

Yi-Lin Chen, Extern (Summer 2019)

CS and Statistics Double Masters. Knows machine vision kung fu. From Taipei, Taiwan.

Lora Johns, Apprentice (Spring-Summer 2019)

Lawyer turned aspiring data scientist. Yale Law JD. Also former librarian. Based in the Big Apple.

Suchita Joshi, Intern (Fall 2018)

Stanford AI4ALL program. Builds robots competitively from base in Cupertino, CA.

Isha Puri, Intern (Fall 2018)

Won 2nd at INTEL 2018. Built a CNN that detects dyslexia in children with 90%+ accuracy. From the woods of upstate NY.

Michelle Tran, Intern (Fall 2018)

Cybersecurity buff. Also into robotics. Also cross-stitching. CS major nestled in Boulder, Colorado.

Michelle Yakubek, Intern (Summer 2018)

Spelling bee champion. Likes NLP projects in obscure Southeast Asian languages. CS at MIT.

Meggie Su, Intern (Summer 2018)

Junior chess champion. Loves art, too. CS at UChicago.

Arjun Kumar, Operations

An avid Mongolian throat singer. MS in MechE at Univ. of Illinois – Urbana Champaign.