Tolstoy reads long, boring text for you.

We bring the latest advances in natural language processing and machine learning to those who need it most – people dealing with massive amounts of reading and paper pushing. Our technology can process thousands or millions of text records orders of magnitudes faster, and more accurately, than humans can. We believe that the days of mindless reading, instead of insightful reading, are numbered – and we’re here to help bring you from the former to the latter.

How we got started

We got started when our founder was working at the World Bank in Washington, DC.

The World Bank has tens of thousands of projects, each of which has a 50-100 page document describing the project. It took a team of 40 people to read these documents and assign sector and theme codes to them over the course of several months.

Our founder took 10,000 of the project documents and used machine learning to autocode them in less than a minute, and with better than human accuracy.

Since then, we’ve served use cases across many different fields.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where people can instantly understand, search, and transform massive amounts of text data, at human-level finesse. Spend an hour processing 50 pages? Upgrade to 100,000 pages.

We believe that for the AI revolution to occur, all businesses – not just those with ML experts – should be able to deploy their own custom deep learning models.

We aim to provide organizations with an accessible service into harnessing the power of AI for themselves.

Custom Models Tailored to your data

1,000,000+ texts already processed

API access available

Personal Support

Accuracy Guaranteed

Industry agnostic


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