Read through tens of thousands of documents in minutes.

We use machine learning and natural language processing to read massive amounts of text that would take humans months or years to read, and make decisions people would make based on the reading. Remember watching sci-fi films where the robot reads a book in seconds? Well reality has caught up to human imagination.

Text Pre-processing

Messy text? PDFs? Handwriting? We take it in and clean it up for you.

Next-Gen Technology

We use the latest machine learning and NLP techniques, from linear to neural models, to give you the best results.

Easy-to-use Tools

You shouldn’t need a degree in artificial intelligence to process your text data. We make things simple but powerful.

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How it works

Training data

You give us examples of text tagged or sorted by humans (at least a few hundred).

Teach the AI

We teach the model based on your examples.

Get results

We get back to you with results. If necessary, you provide us more training data.

Process your text

Once the model is ready, we process the rest of your text data.

Use Cases

We know people work in diverse environments. Some of you are pushing pencil and paper. Others have documents digitized and stored in a cloud database. Some of you just want to upload your text. Others want to test different models and tweak hyperparameters. It really doesn't matter. Whatever your background and preference, we're here to find a solution for you.

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Want us to process your text?

We're always looking to save people time and tedium. Drop us a line!