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Instantly tag inbound customer emails and messages with Tolstoy’s AI technology. Filter out highest-priority tickets and respond to your customers orders of magnitude faster.
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Start with how you'll like to categorize your inbound messages

Choose one of our pre-trained models or provide us training data to customize a model. Options include tagging cancellation requests, order changes, interested messages, and more.

Integrate with your current messaging platform

We’ll set up an API and work with your team to integrate with your existing workflow. Or, if you’re old school, we take CSV spreadsheets too.

Tag your messages in real time

Your messages get instantly tagged by category. We’ll regularly tune the model to boost performance. In production, our models typically deliver 95-99% accuracy.

Case Studies

Email Categorization

Primrose is the UK’s largest online garden retailer. During the pandemic lockdown, they received an influx of orders from customers staying at home. Tolstoy helped them tag top-priority emails (delivery queries and cancellation requests) with 98%+ accuracy.

This saved them approx. 700 customer agent hours.

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Text Message Categorization

Bitesize is a San Francisco-based startup that helps users text message and respond to thousands of people at once. This is used by realtors, car dealerships, and politicians to chase leads and respond to customers. Tolstoy helps Bitesize tag thousands of messages in real-time with 95%+ accuracy, so that users know who to prioritize, message later, or stop messaging.

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